Avon Social 2.0 

Introducing the BRAND-NEW Content Gallery

  • Share to any social platform!
  • More social images and videos than you have ever seen before!
  • So easy to share!
  • No set up needed when used on mobile devices

Upgraded Scheduler

  • New improved user interface
  • Improved Social Calendar
  • Please be aware that as part of this upgrade, the scheduler will become a PRO feature – please see below for more information

Training Videos

Your questions answered

Is am an existing user of Avon Social – where can I find out more?
  • If you were an existing user of Avon social, please feel free to view our existing user page.
Is there any set-up required with Avon Social 2.0?
  • No! To use the Content Gallery, simply select a post, image or video and share!
  • If you wish to auto-schedule to Facebook, a small amount of setup is required.
Can I really share to any platform with Avon Social 2.0?
  • Yes! The Content Gallery uses your phones native share tray. If the app is on your phone, you can share instantly!
Is there a cost to use Avon Social 2.0?
  • The new simple to use Content Gallery will be free to use for every Rep in the UK
  • Any Reps that wish to schedule their posts, can upgrade to PRO for £1.99+VAT per month
How do I share using the content Gallery?
  • Via your phone, Simply head to the content Gallery and click on an image
  • Select ‘Share now’ and choose the platform you wish to share to
  • Some phones will automatically copy the text and website address for you – but sometimes you pay need to paste the text
  • For a quick guide video head to https://avon.social/training-videos/ and select “how to share using the content gallery”
Does the post content and website address automatically copy across to my post?
  • On some phones this happens automatically
  • On others, the content will copy to your phone and you can then paste this into the text.
  • If you are experiencing any issues with this process please email support@avon.social for support (providing the make and model of your phone)
How do I upgrade to PRO?
  • During July and August, all features are free to every Rep
  • From September you will see clear messaging in Avon social explaining how to upgrade if you wish
How does suggested posts work?
  • Please feel free to watch the “How to use suggested Posts” video at https://avon.social/training-videos/
  • If you wish to use this feature we recommend you also watch the “How to connect your Facebook account” video
  • If you need any support, please email support@avon.social
Can I use my Digital Brochure link?
  • At present, Avon social automatically connects to your online store, however you are free to manually add your online brochure link or any other link.
  • Automatically adding your digital brochure link is in plan and we hope to deliver this in 2024
Can I use any link?
  • At present, Avon social automatically connects to your online store, however you are free to manually add any other link.


Why do we have the Avon On Social Sharing Hub and Avon Social?
  • Avon On is a Global tool provided to all Avon Markets across the Globe
  • Avon Social is a UK only tool which has been introduced due to a need for more advanced social media capability.


Will Avon Social replace the Avon On Social Sharing Hub eventually?
  • The Global Avon Team are closely monitoring the success of the new Avon Social 2.0 tool in the UK
  • If this is a tool that Reps find useful, there is perhaps an opportunity to better integrate in Avon On and roll out to more Avon Markets


If I have any questions, who can I contact?


If I have issues on launch day who can I contact?