Q&A for existing users

Our mission at Retortal is to open up social media to as many Direct Selling Representatives as possible and as a result we provide the .social platform to many different organizations.

Our 1.0 tool has revolutionized the way Reps do social media across the world but tends to appeal more to Reps with advanced Social Media skills who have a strong knowledge of social media strategies.

Our 2.0 tool has therefore been adapted to include a brand new simple to use content gallery which appeals to a far wider number of Reps : the more advanced ‘suggested posts’ tool is now part of the pro package.

This dual pronged approach to supporting users at all levels has proved to be extremely successful in other organizations and this will also benefit you (and you team if applicable)

Is there a cost to use Avon Social 2.0?
  • The new simple to use Content Gallery will be free to use for every Rep in the UK
  • Any Reps that wish to schedule their posts, can upgrade to PRO for £1.99+VAT per month
  • PRO will be free for all Reps during July and August.
How do I reconnect my accounts?
  • Head to https://avon.social/training-videos/ and follow the steps in “How to connect your facebook account
  • If you have any problems connecting your accounts, please email support@Avon.social
Do I still receive PRO upgrades within Avon Rewards?
  • Avon Social PRO upgrades were removed from Avon Rewards in April 2023 (last honoured in Q2 for Reps achieving in Q1)
Do Avon profit from the PRO upgrades?
  • All PRO upgrade revenue is paid directly to Retortal who will continue to re-invest in new technology to make Avon Social even better!
Does 2.0 have an Image Creator?
  • Avon social has been built on a completely new platform and on launch there will no image creator.
  • However, delivering a new and improved image creator is in plan and we hope to launch this in 2024.
Why do I now need to pay to schedule posts?
  • Avon Social is a tool provided by 3rd party company called Retortal who provide the .social platform to many companies within the direct selling industry.
  • It is there aim to open up social sharing to as many Representatives as possible and have therefore made the decision to make the new simple and easy to use Content Gallery FREE to every Rep across the organizations they support.
  • As the scheduling tool tends to be used by more experienced and skilled Social Media users, and contains more advanced time saving and reach technology, they have made the decision to move this to a PRO feature.
  • The Retortal team will be adding to the PRO portfolio in the coming months and hope you understand this slight change in pricing structure.
Why can I no longer schedule to Twitter or LinkedIn?
  • Avon Social is a tool provided by 3rd party company called Retortal who provide the .social platform to many companies within the direct selling industry.
  • Almost 100% of their users schedule via Facebook but only a small percentage schedule via LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Following end to end tracking of these posts, Retortal have made the decision to remove these 2 platforms from their tool as the benefits of do not outweigh the costs
  • You may however post individually to these platforms via the content gallery
How do I know if I have PRO? 
  • During the transition from 1.0 – 2.0 all users will have access to PRO features throughout July and August
  • From September, suggested posts will become a PRO feature
Who do I speak to if I have any questions regarding my currect PRO subscription or wish to cancel my subscription? 
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to email support@avon.social and the team will be happy to help.